No family or marriage is perfect. Many are impacted by conflict and dysfunction that arise from a host of common symptoms that cause undue stress, anguish, and pain. These symptoms may include: jealousy, infidelity, separation and divorce, financial disagreements, child rearing tension, grief and loss, aging, addictions, mental illness, loss of health, teenage rebellion, or just being totally out of synch in your relationship. We all have challenges.

In therapy sessions, I will work with you to get to the heart of things, to help you pinpoint the underlying causes, so that you and your significant others can work through your defining issues. I may offer guidance and advice. I might work with you and your significant others to communicate and engage more effectively. I will always listen and discern, and give you the benefit of my insight. I will stand with you to help you in your pain, to help you work through your differences, and become stronger and clearer.

I work with individuals, couples, and families to find better ways to deepen your relationship with your significant others. In cases where the couple is on the verge of divorce we work to find ways to forge a different relationship that honors the pain of the past and the desire to connect to one another going forward.

Wellness for Those Fighting Cancer
I supported cancer patients and their loved ones dealing with physical and emotional pain at the Peninsula Cancer Center in Poulsbo for 9 years from 2009-2017.

New medical research demonstrates that appropriate emotional support can actually reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue during cancer treatment. Not only can emotional support improve mental health during treatment, research even suggests that it can actually improve physical health and treatment outcomes. Getting depressed greatly increases the likelihood of pain and disability because depression ultimately is a feedback mechanism that degrades both mental and physical well-being.

For some patients, the emotional trauma of cancer can be worse than the cancer itself. Because it is normal for up to half of all cancer patients to struggle with depression, I am available to work with you in private sessions so that you do not have to face the downward mental-physical feedback spiral that is common during cancer treatment.

I have experience helping people who may feel isolated, have great fears and anxiety, and face great sadness over their cancer diagnosis. I take an active, compassionate approach and provide an atmosphere that will allow you to feel comfortable enough to share your challenges openly and confidentially, and supported enough to manage your often out-of-control emotions and move towards your treatment goals during this critical time in your life.

About Billing and Insurance
Payment for sessions is due at your appointment either by check made out to Charlene Wallace Moy” or Zelle, an app through your bank. I am an “out-of-network provider” for all insurance carriers and will provide you a statement to forward to your individual insurance if you have coverage. You will still pay for your session upfront as your insurance carrier will provide the reimbursement directly to you. I suggest that you inquire about your insurance coverage prior to starting treatment. Below are some questions to ask your carrier that may help clarify your coverage.

Questions to ask your insurance carrier:

  • Am I covered for out-of-network mental health coverage?
  • What is my deductible and when does it start? Have I met any of it for the year?
  • What is my coverage limit?
  • Does my coverage include a masters degree therapist for therapy?

If you are interested in finding out more about how therapy can benefit you and your loved ones, please call Charlene Wallace Moy at 206.930.0695.