As a Washington-State licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I am honored to work with clients who are eager to engage in the work of opening up, being vulnerable, and finding new and effective ways to thrive in life.

My passion is working with individuals, couples, and families to get them going on a positive path where they can thrive despite life’s biggest challenges — depression, sadness, anxiety, fatigue, illness, divorce, isolation, grief, and loss.

For those willing to push through the questions and reflections, therapy can be challenging, very rewarding, and often life-changing. Through therapy, insight comes that breaks open a freedom not felt before. This is the pathway to thriving.

I am an experienced practitioner of the whole-person approach, which is known for its integrated biopsychosocial and spiritual components. This means that areas of physical health, social connections, emotional health, and spiritual focus can all be a part of the areas we examine and exercise.

I will always provide my clients with the best possible care I can offer. If you are interested in finding out more about how therapy can benefit you and your loved ones, please call me, Charlene Wallace Moy at 206.930.0695.

Charlene Wallace Moy


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Charlene Wallace Moy | Marriage and Family Specialist.